Large Scenic Windows

In Moncton, we’re blessed with some great weather and we want to let as much of the beautiful sunshine inside as possible. That’s why we’ve added an ample number of windows to each of our suites so that they stay bright and welcoming.

Large + Well-Equipped Kitchen

Moncton has a host of great places to eat, but you may just discover that your favorite place to eat in our city is right inside your suite. Our kitchens look great and come stocked with everything you need to indulge your inner chef and delight your guests.

Space to Relax

After you’re doing cooking a meal, enjoying a relaxing shower, or just arriving back to your suite for an evening in, we’ve made sure that all of our spaces give you ample space to put your feet up, watch television or a movie, have a drink, and just unwind.

Comfortable Bedrooms

We understand that a lot of people visit our city because work has brought them here. And after a long day of meetings and conferences, it’s nice to know that you’ll have a place to come home to: a comfortable bed that’ll help you forget, just for a little while, that you’re away from home.

A Blend of Old + New

You’ll notice that the interiors of all of our properties do an excellent job of paying homage to the property’s past while updating it with modern stylings. But we also do the same with the exteriors of our properties: giving them a fresh look that matches perfectly with their decades old charm.

Exterior Lighting

At Bower, we’ve paid as much attention to exterior lighting as we have those in the interior. When you arrive back at your suite after a long day away, you’ll be glad that you can easily find your way to your entrance and gain access to your suite where you can kick back and relax for the evening.

Great Views

The great thing about Moncton is that whether you’re in a residential area or in the middle of the downtown core, you’ll always find yourself charmed by our city. Its rich combination of history and vibrancy will prove to you why the people who visit our city find themselves wanting to return.

Wonderful Weather

Moncton is located on Canada’s east coast and benefits from a maritime climate. Our sunny days will make enjoying your porch, patio, or picture window very easy. Additionally, our warm Summers and very temperate Spring and Fall seasons make enjoying the outside enjoyable nearly year round.

Plenty of Green Space

Industry in Moncton has led to the development of an excellent downtown and some beautiful subdivisions. But amidst this growth, one thing that has never been neglected in our city are green spaces. Whether you’re driving along Elmwood or strolling down Queen, we’re confident that you’ll enjoy seeing Moncton’s commitment to keeping our town green: a rare thing in larger cities.

Make Your Stay Entertaining

If you find yourself downtown and want to take in a show or a concert, the Capitol Theatre should be at the top of your to-do list. First opening in 1922, the building received a complete restoration in the mid-1990s to bring back its characteristic vaudeville aesthetic. The 800-seat theatre now holds shows and concerts year round.

Our French Heritage

It’s not just Bower that has a strong French influence, but the entire city of Moncton and province of New Brunswick. Many of our residents are bilingual and you can find this French influence in the way we speak, the food we eat, and much more. Moncton is the perfect place for those who like to add a touch of the laissez faire lifestyle to their travel.

Never Too Far Away

With a population of around 65,000, Moncton is quite small by city standards, but after you visit with us you’ll agree that we’re one of the biggest little cities in Canada. Whether you’re staying at one of our quiet residential properties or one of our downtown spaces, you’ll only be a few minutes away from a great meal at the Grotto or an electrifying concert at the Capitol.


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What Our Customers Are Saying

People Are Loving the Bower Experience

We had a great stay with you in rooms 1 and 3. We thoroughly enjoyed the space and the upstairs patio. The staff were very helpful and gave really thorough directions on how to access the property and park.

-Bower on Lester

The accommodations on Lester were beyond what I was expecting. The atmosphere was relaxing and calming. All the amenities of home including a Keurig machine which was the highlight of my morning.

-Bower on Lester

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